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1h easy

Length of the route : 2.6 km Town : Heudicourt-sous-les-Côtes

This trail with a length of 2 km (return) offers a discovery of the history of Madine and especially the changing landscape of this website. The trail from the house discovery at Lac de Madine (Madine-Heudicourt / Facing the equestrian center). Heading towards the woods on the interpretation station located near a bunker, is mentioned, the bird as the main inspiration in military science of the First World War. From the shores of Lake Madine, the gaze is directed toward the outlier (377 m) and the Monument Montsec that echoes this period of history. In the 60s, the landscape was very different from today. Instead of the lake, forest area was essentially derived from plantations that followed the First World War. The fund marshy valleys were often occupied by ponds created in the Middle Ages for fish farming ponds which are now under the waters of the lake. Other stations allow a more contemporary approach to the history of Madine, since the lake in 1974 until today. From archival documents and testimony inhabitants, six periods are represented by giant postcards and respond with humor to the question: Why do we come to Madine? The second half of the trail by a more contemplative, artistic and poetic approach evokes the birds that stay Madine, in wet meadows including waders like Great Egret or Heron. The steel sculpture Two pairs of legs in the large meadow was created by artist Victoria Klotz and stainless steel ring placed on the target board, mirror No. 253 The heron in the water dream .. .assaut unbridled was directed by artist -joaillère Dominique Jouve.

Route Opinions
Route Opinions
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