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Raymond Poincaré


Born in Bar-le-Duc, Raymond Poincaré studied law and became a lawyer in Paris in 1880. Parallel to his professional career, he began a political career. In 1887, he was elected deputy in the department of Meuse, he was then the youngest of the hemicycle. In 1903, he was elected senator of the Meuse. From 1913 to 1920, he was Minister on several occasions, President of the Council of Ministers and then President of the French Republic. Raymond Poincaré was one of the great political figures of the Third Republic and one of the central figures of the First World War. Anchored in the Meusian territory where he was born, this illustrious figure willingly retired to his haven of peace: Le Clos, his residence in Sampigny. He and his wife Henriette will be at the origin of many works for the benefit of the Sampignolais people. In 1929, Raymond Poincaré retired from the political scene and died a few years later in 1934 in Paris. He is buried in Nubécourt in his native department and lies next to his wife.

To be discovered :
- The Raymond Poincaré Museum in Sampigny 
- The tomb of President Raymond Poincaré 


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