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The Meuse waterway

The Meuse Waterway

As a navigational route open to pleasure boating, the Meuse River crosses the Meuse Department from south to north, before continuing its journey to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Several stops and marinas located between Commercy and Verdun allow you to stay in Cœur de Lorraine:


The harbor at Sampigny (5 places)

- Museum Poincaré
- Grocery store and coffee shop


The harbor at Saint-Mihiel (16 places)
- Electricity
- Water
- Shops and services
- Renaissance city with a remarkable heritage


The harbor at Lacroix-sur-Meuse (8 places)
- Shops and services
- Fountains and remarkable heritage


The harbor at Troyon (6 places)


The harbor at Ambly-sur-Meuse (4 places)
- Picnic area and playground

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