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The front line 1914–1918

In September 1914, while attempting to encircle Verdun, the Germans made a major advance through the French lines in what was to become known as the Saint-Mihiel Salient.

The front line stretched from Éparges in Pont-à-Mousson, through Saint-Mihiel which, like many villages, remained occupied by the Germans throughout the war.

Extremely heavy fighting took place across this whole area or four years, and despite the loss of untold lives, the French never came close to reducing the salient.

It was not until September 1918, with the arrival of American troops that this German advance was finally forced back.


Today the scars of the fighting are everywhere — trenches, forts and combat positions Le Bois d'Ailly, Apremont-la-Forêt, Liouville Thiaucourt. Come and discover the history of a territory over which French, Americans and Germans clashed, and fought bravely.

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