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Lorraine regional natural park

The Lorraine Regional Natural Park has a wide variety of environments including, wetlands have an exceptionally rich: rainforests Romersberg or Queen, 200 forest or grassland ponds, wet meadows, 340 ponds located mainly on the Woëvre and ponds land, two wetlands of international importance Ramsar classified (ponds of the Petite Woëvre and complex of the pond Lindre) are all venues for hosting a remarkable flora and fauna.

Many birds frequent the Park during reproduction, during migration or wintering. To enable the discovery of this rich birdlife, the Regional Nature Reserve sites Lachaussée and Lake Madine were equipped observatories and trails accessible to the general public.

Discover the Park family

Listen, observe, feel, live unusual and enriching experiences in family ... all this is possible on the Park! You want to know everything about bees? Meet at the museum of Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes. Or if you prefer defy weightlessness and learn the ropes course you branch is at Lake Madine need to go ...

The Lorraine Regional Natural Park is also a privileged area for the practice of hiking or biking.

By bike: several routes for the family audience (! Although some routes prove athletes) are proposed, some subject to a road marking and other marking on a map. On 20 to 60 km distances, each circuit invites you to discover an iconic sector of the territory.

On foot: about 500 km of roads are marked and not available to walkers. Many routes cross the territory: great hiking (GR5 Mediterranean- Holland), great hiking (GRP between the Cotes de Moselle and the Meuse Hills) or walking and hiking (PR).

randofiches of the Lorraine Regional Natural Park highlighting some of the most remarkable routes. Accessible to the whole family and an average of 3 hours, these cards offer rides on the iconic sites of the territory and reveal their riches to walkers.

Many sites and activities welcome children and adults on the Park.

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