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1h easy

Length of the route : 3.2 km Town : Heudicourt-sous-les-Côtes

The bird trail Travelers Memories is a course of 6 km (return) in the National Hunting Reserve and Wildlife. It is managed by the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS). A specific regulation applies to it. Departure from the House of the discoveries of the Lac de Madine (Madine-Heudicourt / In front of the equestrian center) or from the village of cottages (entrance area). The scenario of this trail makes sense from the entry in the National Hunting Reserve and Wildlife. Indeed, the biodiversity of the Lake Madine is behind the creation of this National Reserve which covers 1800 ha and encompasses all the lakeside. Here, you enter the paradise of birds in their natural environments. Some precautions are necessary because the birds are fearful and the best way to observe them is to be discreet, silent, and stay well. The notion of the journey is expressed through the great migration routes as highways holiday which is a crossroads of Lorraine Grands Voyageurs. passing birds, wintering or summer visitors are mentioned on this part of the trail with the autumn migration and spring migrations. Step vital for birds, Madine offer them good conditions to rest, breed summer or protect major winter cold. Once you better acquainted with the species in their natural environments, this trail takes you to the observatory of the Pointe aux oaks where you can watch in peace. This trail is very nice for the family. Just before arriving at the bird observatory, games can trace the journey of birds during migration, identifying where their songs just to listen to the birds in the wood of the oak Pointe aux through two cones listening to amplify sounds.

Route Opinions
Route Opinions
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