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2h easy

Length of the route : 11.3 km Town : Lachaussée

Departure: In front of the Domaine du Vieux Moulin. Follow the red and white markings of the GR and brown markings of the regional nature reserve (note specific regulation applies to them). 12-km (3h30). medium difficulty. Low altitude. average altitude of 220 m. The first part of the trail runs along the northern étang.Les wet meadows surrounded by hedges are grazed by hardy horses, Konik Poski. From the observatory, you can see many waterfowl ponds and reedbeds. In autumn, continuing on the road it is possible to see many cranes. The trail continues through a forest where Pics green, black, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Collared Flycatcher and wild cats elected domicile. It is possible from March to hear the song of the Bittern. Dragonflies and frogs are also hiding in this wetland. Halfway through, a second observatory can observe many Anatidae. Throughout the course, instructional panels of the Regional Nature Reserve give much information about natural environments crossed. A third observatory along the dike will be the final step of your discovery. It is possible to visit the Domaine du Vieux Moulin and restore it. If you are with small children, an educational pond and trail permit a stroll around the fish farm and livestock buildings.

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Route Stops
Route Stops
  • 1 Simple Observatoire ornithologique ...

    Die Vogelwarte ist einen Blick wert. Eine Gelegenheit, Wildtiere zu beobachten, ... Die Vogelwarte ist einen Blick wert. Eine Gelegenheit, Wildtiere zu beobachten, ...

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