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5h difficult
2h30 difficult

Length of the route : 17.3 km Town : Saint-Mihiel

Path marked out by La Grolle Sammielloise.
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August 1914. Germany's objective is then the capture of Verdun. Marshal Joffre and the French general staff think that German troops will take Verdun by the Argonne to the west and disarm the garrison of Saint-Mihiel to reinforce the French troops in the west, considering that the German troops will not be able to cross the marshy lands of the Woëvre and the barrier that the Côtes de Meuse constitute. Saint-Mihiel was disarmed, and the defence of the Fort du Camp des Romains dominating the town and the valley was considerably reduced. Against all odds, German troops cross this barrier, the Fort falls in a few hours and Saint-Mihiel is invaded.
French troops block the invasion on the Côtes de Meuse and at the Bois d'Ailly. The Salient of Saint-Mihiel is formed.
This 17 km hike, not very difficult, will lead you to discover the places of combat where the troops will face each other for 4 years. This path leads you from various dugouts, to trenches (concrete for the Germans), blockhouses, supply places (springs). Don't stray from the marked path, be careful around the construction remains, and don't pick up ammunition that is regularly discovered. Numerous stakes, barbed wire, pig tails, etc. are all dangers, often covered by thorny vegetation...
Have a good walk.

  • 1 Fiche Cimetière de la Vaux ...

    The bodies of 3389 French soldiers killed during the First World War are buried

  • 3 Fiche Musée de Marbotte

    The museum has collections of weapons, equipment and items used in everyday life

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