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2h easy

Length of the route : 6.1 km Town : Les Éparges

The Eparges spur that dominates the plain of Woëvre becomes a key strategic site during the First World War. Indeed, after the Battle of the Marne, the Germans take a position on this natural observatory. From February to April 1915, many offensives launched by the French attempt to capture it. The site keeps deep and impressive traces of heavy fighting that took place there as melee or mine warfare as evidenced by the famous funnels. Various memorials remind these struggles including the 106th Infantry Regiment fought in which Maurice Genevoix.

  • 1 Mixte Le point X
  • 2 Fiche Ferme de Sonvaux

    if you come to discover the Meuse Hills during an unusual journey ; imagine take

  • 3 Fiche Vins de Muzy

    Organic family vineyard and orchard nestling in lush countryside at the foot of

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