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Length of the route : 13.6 km Town : Saint-Mihiel

Path marked out by La Grolle Sammielloise: This beautiful, fairly easy 13.5 km hike will take you more safely to discover beautiful sights, viewpoints and remains than wolves who abandoned this territory a few years ago a long time .... After having skirted the canalized Meuse, the first curiosity is offered to you: the site of the Rocks, classified on September 23, 1912, obviously for its spectacular picturesque value. Seven in number lined up over a distance of 300 m, they are also called Dames de Meuse. They all have a name, a story, a legend. These rocks have always been curiosities of the city of Saint-Mihiel but also of the region, a popular and unmissable place to walk, as well as a popular site for renowned climbing enthusiasts. You will bypass the first one then continue by the path above the 6 other Rocks. A little further after having climbed the path, a chapel. Then the Wolf Cross. Enjoy the view over the valley. A small path will lead you near a Vallon, the Vau des Loups. Further on, a marker emblazoned with a stick, then the marker at the scales. You are at the edge of the national forest of Pitancerie. Its name is explained by the fact that it was given to the monks thus allowing them to derive income and thus to feed them. Close to the return, another point of view over the valley of the Meuse then you join the promenade des Capucins. This site, originally reserved for the Capuchin monks of the priory which occupied the site, was listed in 1947. The high promenade then the low promenade, bring you back to town via the Capuchin lane. After some new curiosities (former convent, house of Ligier Richier) the abbey church signals the end of the hike.

Route Opinions
Route Opinions
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