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Rennaissance : Sculptor Ligier Richier

Religious sculptor Ligier Richier was born in Saint-Mihiel circa 1500 in a artist family. The absence of signatures  makes the authorship of his work very obscure and the majority of his artworks has been attributed to him by stylistic analysis. His style is mainly characterized by an accurate depiction of faces and the thin drapery of sculptures. Richier used limestone, wood and terracotta, and developed a  wax treatment to give his  limestone sculptures the appearance of marble,


La Route Ligier Richier  is an artistic trail  from Bar-Le-Duc to Etain, passing through Saint-Mihiel. Follow this itinerary and discover the life and work of the artist.


 Artworks by Richier to see in the Coeur de Lorraine:

  •    The altarpiece depicting the Passion of the Christ, polychrome work in the church of  Hattonchâtel (1523).
  •    La Pamoison de la Vierge  (The Swoon of the Virgin) in the church of Saint-Michel in Saint-Mihiel.
  •     The Entombment, in the church of Saint-Étienne in Saint-Mihiel (also known as “le Sépulcre de Saint Mihiel") is one of the last most famous pieces made by the artist.
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